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The life of just me

How I get through life without going crazy

I’ve haven't always been this docile. Each step of everyday has been its own individual journey of learning and discovery. I wouldn't say I am wiser than most, I would say I'm more evolved than most. Curious as to why? Well, journey with me as I go about day to day. 

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Sometimes you just gotta breathe

Well my life has gone from slow to fast really quickly, but in a good way. I had an appointment yesterday where my doctor informed me...

The Day of Days

So I have never been the type to beg before. But to my utter humiliation I started crying and begging. I guess maybe I'm not dealing with...

What Do I want?.....

Isn't it funny how one minute your minding your own business, taking care of customers ,having a good Ole time, and then someone ask you...

I'm still here

When I tell you I have been busy, my people I have been busy. I swear my life is like a free style roller coaster right now. Updates...

Funny How Life Works Sometimes

Id like to think that my life is just this unique bubble floating away in space waiting for someone to come along and just pop it, so I...

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Every life is a new journey waiting to start!

I started The life of just me with the goal of offering readers a glimpse into my thoughts and experiences. I hope to be able to post daily, but sometimes a post might take longer, I guess it depends on what is happening in my life and how I am dealing with it emotionally amd physically.

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Want to contact me? Just email me. I can't promise to always respond promptly, but I promise to do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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