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What Do I want?.....

Isn't it funny how one minute your minding your own business, taking care of customers ,having a good Ole time, and then someone ask you the question that just kinda shakes you to your core. What do you want out of life?


Well my answer is simple, it is the one thing I've wanted since I picked up my first romance novel. True love. Ugh , yeah I said it. What a horrible life goal some would say. But honestly let's stop and look at it for a minute.

Just imagine for one perfect moment, that person that was made for you and you for them, is standing right in front of you. They don't care about your looks, your social or financial status, all they can see is you. All you can see is them.

Your eyes meet and life explodes suddenly. You would give your life to protect them. They would end the world just to save you, and when you are with each other everything just seems right. The world could be falling apart but as long as you are by each others side, you could take on anything. You build each other up, you can freely express yourself and even if you fight over stupid things you know when it's over fireworks are going to drive you to love each other passionately... or messily...for all my clutzs out there, but either way it's as it should be.

When you have true love everything else, all the sadness, cruelty, and darkness of our world just seems to slowly fade away.

If that is a poor dream, then I will happily face judgement for it, but it's what I want more than anything else in this world. Even if I am on a hiatus at the moment. So all those other people out there who are hatin on a girls dream, you can eat fish guts, cause my dream rocks.

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