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Sometimes you just gotta breathe

Well my life has gone from slow to fast really quickly, but in a good way. I had an appointment yesterday where my doctor informed me that my lab results got mixed up with another patients. I don't have cancer, when I tell yall I bawled cause I was so happy. I could breath again, I didn't have to worry about not being here for my kids to find when they got older. I can go back to just being happy old me. Granted I still have to have the mass removed, but it's not cancer and that's what matters.

Alot of people would be angry with the labs and the doctors, but honestly mistakes happen I'm just glad I'm ok. Today I interviewed with our big boss for assistant manager, and I was approved for the promotion. The one I told yall about that wouldn't do her job and was hateful with our other cashiers quit. We were all so relieved to see her go, and the first thing my boss did was ask me if I was interested in the promotion. Of course I said yes, I basically am doing most of it already. Big man said I would need to learn everything the gm does so I could replace her when she's on vacation or off.

I guess this means I gotta find a way to pay my phone bill on time from now on. Ugh.

Seriously money issues suck, but my issue is the title loan I got. I didn't say all my decisions were the greatest, but at the time a title loan saved my butt. Plus paying it off is really building my credit.

As for the house I'm remodeling, all I'm gonna say is that fucker is costing me a pretty penny. 950.00 for all the plumbing to get fixed, not to mention the amount I need to replace the toilet and bathtub siding. Which my boss gave me siding replacements because they just had it laying around, but I have to pay to have it installed, cause ain't no way I'm youtubing that mess.

All in all though, my life is really looking up. I'm back on schedule with my college classes, I guess business management was a really good decision after all.

Dating, eh still not really interested. I get lonely sometimes and wish I had a cuddle buddy to laugh and watch movies with and pick at, but then I think of the drama and heart ache and I'm back at the square of I'm good on my own.

Who needs heart break when you can just love yourself. Besides my schedule is waayyyyy to busy for that in my life.

The more I live the more life lessons I learn, and the more I learn the more I try to remind myself and others that nothing is ever as bad as it seems, you can always play the who has it worse game, but what does that solve? Sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath step back and really look at everything around you as you breathe out. Someone always has it worse than we do. It's just a matter of powering through the bad times to get to enjoy the good times.

Every moment good or bad has a lesson to be learned, we just have to figure out what it is so we know how to handle it next time.

Well tootaloo for now lovelies, I'm off to celebrate with dinner and alcohol. A girl deserves a treat after all....

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