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One minute your on top and the next bam rock bottom

Well , my life is pretty great right now. There are days in between that suck, but I have a job, a place to live, and my fur baby. I was pretty freaking happy. But you know how when your feeling good and life is great, then all of a sudden bam it's all destroyed......yup uh huh that's me. -heavy sigh-

So I got diagnosed with colon cancer the other day after I needed to go to the er. I kinda already knew because my pcp had told me that my symptoms and the blood work were adding up, but sometimes you just ignore things like that. Well one visit to the er later and bam. Am I upset? Well who wouldn't be. Cancer is cancer no matter how you look at it. So of course I cried, but I also got over it. We're talking surgery, in a one and done kinda thing. They can remove the mass, check for spread and let me go. This isn't my first rodeo, with some horrible thing invading my body.

Beside if God wanted me dead, he'd have killed me a long time ago. Am I scared? Eh, I'm more scared of the pain it will cause, but hey I've survived worse pain. Idk, some people would call it denial or something like that. I call it life....reality. Things happen to people everyday. You adapt and overcome or give up and let go. I'm more of the optimistically, annoying, fight and survive kinda gal.

I guess after dealing with the melanoma skin cancer and the exaggeration of those doctors has left me with the eh attitude of cancer. Now I'm sure if I have to do something crazy like get chemo or God forbid a colostomy bag, I might just rage and loose it, but right now I'm pretty calm. Besides that I still have a house to make livable and a beautiful fur baby to take care of. Not to mention my job with all my favorite people. Plus I'm scarring down dandelion tea and it's amazing healing properties, so I'm good to go. Life's gonna carry on and everything is gonna be great.

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