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I'm still here

When I tell you I have been busy, my people I have been busy. I swear my life is like a free style roller coaster right now. Updates about my place! Let's see, the previous tenant decided to be petty before they left and broke all the connector pipes to the bathroom and kitchen sink, so that will be fun to fix. I also have decided on color schemes for the house rooms. I've cleaned up the trash, and dusty mess of the house and organized a few things, I have also begun the ardorous task of cleaning up the yard. That one is a doozy. I will have to take a video so all of you can see what I'm working with, but to be honest it actually is a beautiful yard. I cannot wait to meditate in it.

My love life🙄. Well, I will tell you I am struggling lmao. I can't help it. Men can just be infuriating. I have yet to meet anyone that just sweeps me off my feet. It's all about nudes and sex. Heavy sigh. What has our society become. Can't a woman just get a genuine connection with laughter and love. Ugh, maybe I am too old fashioned. I mean he'll I want sex just like the next person, but not without a connection. I'm not a one night stand kinda gal, and I absolutely hate feeling used and ghosted.

Onward and upward I suppose.

So remember how I'm terrified of snakes , well my friendly oh so wonderful landlord decides to tell me a bunch of horror stories on snake incidents at the property. So what happens? Silly me was raking leaves and this long green tendril of a bush or something got attached to the rake, I have never screamed so loud in my entire life, and to make it worse the neighbor across the road came running. Asking me if I was bit what happened, eyes wide with panic, and all I could do was laugh once I seen it wasn't a snake. Yall my face was blood red, and I know he must have thought I was insane and had lost my good sense. I totally blame my landlord. I've never been so paranoid, and I haven't even got to the back yard yet. There's also another issue.

I have never lived alone alone. I've always had someone with me. I had to stay in the house for a little bit the other night. Only an hour mind you, but I was spooked. Did I mention I have a VERY active imagination. I was literally picturing things like demons,ghost, and boogy men oh my. I realized at that point I was gonna have to suck it up because eventually I will be moving into the place. I'm sure once it's all fixed up, painted and looking beautiful I will feel more at ease ,but right now that place at night gives me the hibbijibies. Lordy let me stop talking so much, before yall run off from too much reading. Thanks for stopping by , see you all in my next random post 😊.

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